Share any file without any app on any device

Share any file without any app on any device 

Are you shocked too ! Yes it says ‘Share any file without any app on any device’ it is unbelievable ! This is a website which is user friendly and can work on any device, i.e., android, iOS, windows, etc. 

There are unlimited ways to transfer files but they are restricted to their ecosystem. Like AirDrop is only accessible in iOS, Mi Drop for MI user, etc. and many more SHARE applications are present on play store and app store which are good for nothing.

 But we found a solution to all these hurdles. 

Website is known as 

You have to follow some simple instruction:

  1. Connected to the same Wi-Fi.

In order to use snapdrop both sender and receiver device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi. Or else it will not work. 

  1. ‘’ 

  Open the website on both sender and receiver device

  1. Icon 

 You will notice an icon appears on both devices in the radar.

  1. Form a digital connection

To transfer files, both devices must click on the icon to form a digital connection.

  1. Choose file 

Select the file which is to be transferred and within no time file would be transferred whether it is a Video, photo, audio, doc, PDF file, etc.


You can send messages too by long press on icon and if using PC give a right click and deliver your message 

This was the NO App Easy File Transfer work. This is certainly a perfect website as file transfer apps would consume your device space. 

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